Chances Are, Your Most Critical Assets Are Vulnerable to Drones


Organizations are unaware when small UAS infringe on their critical airspace. We integrate complete counter-UAS systems and training to stop drones in your airspace and help you regain safety and security.


Gaps in Airspace

Drone sized gaps in airspace leave us vulnerable to terrorism, espionage and collisions with manned aricraft.

Partial Protection

Anti-drone solutions are often partial, untested or loosely integrated, making vendor selection feel like gambling.

Growing Threat

Threat groups who employ drones are developing new tactics and techniques at the rapid pace of open source.


Your security is a fundamental right. At scale it creates an overarching peace of mind allowing your people and economy to thrive.

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Black Sage is an Experienced Defender with a Proven Process


The company’s story told by Wired Magazine’s feature story: An Amazing Plan to Stop Drone Terrorism

The Solution

Your unique threats, missions and locations are addressed with the proper combination of technology, process and support.

Proven Process

With ongoing C-UAS missions in over 25 countries, we'll guide you through a process developed and executed for the world's most secure locations.


Customer Mission Focused, Globally Trusted


Black Sage is one of three US companies to receive the US Export Excellence Award from the Secretary of International Trade for recent diplomatic and global trade accomplishments.


US Air Force conducted an annual Commander’s Challenge, a six month long C-UAS competition between six Air Force bases. Black Sage’s systems— purchased by two bases— captured both 1st and 2nd place.

Black Sage wins a competitive C-UAS contract in Washington DC where its solutions were deployed to secure a high-profile, high-risk location.

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Smartworld, one of UAE's largest master systems integrators, signed a teaming agreement with Black Sage aiming to protect UAE airspace against UAS threats and regain safety and security.

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Raytheon teams with Black Sage to bring non-kinetic soft-kill C-UAS capabilities into the larger Windshear suite including High Energy Laser, High Powered Microwave and kinetic capabilities.

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Black Sage offers CUES— Counter-UAS for Events and Stadiums— providing an innovative, cost-effective service model for quickly deploying the latest C-UAS capabilities.

Together We’ll Make A Plan to Secure Your Airspace

Threat Group

Drones are an extension of the tactical goals of a given threat group. Understanding their motivations, engineering capability and financial resources will help you better know the scope of the threat and how to defend against it.


Drone threats vary widely and our understanding of their nature, including intent, behavior, payload, number (swarm), mass, altitude, velocity and more, will guide the appropriate capabilities for the mission.


Know what’s vulnerable and what’s valuable. Understanding the unique considerations at your operating area— both visible and invisible— will help the design and concept of operations for your C-UAS deployment.


OUR Quality Guarantee

Black Sage guarantees a professional and discrete installation; comprehensive customer training; dependable maintenance and software updates; and aggressive warranties, included at no cost, on all equipment and workmanship.

Be Prepared and Engage Threats on Your Own Terms

Be Prepared

Don’t depend on an attack not coming. Rather, depend on being prepared for the possibility, with a solution in place to ensure the most positive outcome.

Engage on Your Terms

An engagement with a threat should be on your terms. Proper preparation will convince your threat group there’s little to gain from attacking you. Your defenses are the counter to their enthusiasm to act.

Be the Hero

Your protectorates will look to you confidently, knowing every responsible step was taken to provide for their safety and security. Taking on this moral responsibility is the task for you, the quiet hero.

Safety and Security Can’t Be Left to Chance


Imminent Danger

“UAS will be used to facilitate an attack against a vulnerable target, such as a mass gathering.” — US FBI Director. The risk of harm caused by drones increases daily.


Uncontested ThreatS

While your skies go unprotected, threat groups grow their ability to cause uncontested chaos and harm, damaging your economy and global reputation.


Economies at Risk

When our protectorates live in fear, they cannot thrive. The progress of your economy and the well being of its people depend on safety and security.