We are inspired by the tough Western US plant, black sage, and its ability to thrive in extreme and arid climates. Our western roots and time spent in classified environments borne a respect for the combination of “black”, signifying knowledge and discretion, and “sage”, signifying wisdom. Performing discretely while tempering action with wisdom is our mission.

Protect soldiers, VIPS and facilities against malicious UAS

Track, identity and precisely point effectors at remote targets

The command and control platform that puts the operator first

Gain time and control by remotely denying targeted communications

Rapidly deploy radars, antennas and cameras with off-grid sensor towers

A can-do attitude with experience, confidence and camaraderie


Keep civilians and military safe from the fastest growing threats of our time by solving time sensitive problems in national defense and terrorism.


Focus is on relationships, creative application of technology and inciting the spirit of collaboration necessary to solve a world scale problem. 


Autonomous and interoperable hardware & software platforms that provide persistence protection across varying environments and mission sets.


Wired Magazine: This Brilliant Plan Could Stop Drone Terrorism

Wired Magazine: This Brilliant Plan Could Stop Drone Terrorism

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