Target Tracking

Video target tracking empowers operators with the ability to automatically track long range targets and simultaneously direct other sighted effectors such as jammers, lasers and illuminators to put energy precisely on target. The included gamepad controller is easy to learn and makes target tracking as easy as playing a video game. A portfolio of hand selectable tracking algorithms and a range of available camera systems are designed to accommodate nearly any aerial or ground target tracking application.

D1.IC-P5IR22V1 D1.IC-P15IR82V1 D1.MT-P5.GD-IR30V1 1-Copyrighted.jpg


Positioners from numerous suppliers are supported out of the box, meet military specifications, allow fine motor control and are customized by Black Sage to support any of the following imagers: visible, low light, WDR, LWIR, MWIR, SWIR and more.

Tracking Algorithms

Six modes are available to accommodate tracking applications such as ground-to-air, air-to-ground, ground-to-ground and maritime. Algorithms include Dynamic Centroid, Hottest Spot, Dynamic Correlation, Video Motion Detection, Threshold Tracking and Edge Tracking.


UAS IC-P15IR82V1 1-Copyrighted.jpg

UAS Tracking

Video target tracking is used to automatically track small, fast flying UAS at ranges exceeding 5km— limited only by the zoom capability of the camera system and atmospheric conditions. Contrast based display like the adjacent image from a cooled IR imager renders UAS as white hot, making them easy to track and allowing the operator to zoom in to inspect the airframe and payload.









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