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Our reputation is at stake each time we engage and this responsibility drives us to deliver value at a consistently high level whether on a big project or small, near or far. We bring our can-do attitude and make sure your project is completed on time and at cost, and that you have the support you need along the way, and many years after.

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Lead times are dictated by customizations, export licenses and specialized non-inventory parts— not by slow bureaucracies or legal departments.

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Standard payment terms are 50% at starting and the remainder on completion. Project risk is shared fairly and reasonably by both parties. We are open to special arrangements when necessary.

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Founders,  Dave Romero & Ross Lamm

Founders,  Dave Romero & Ross Lamm

Our Commitment

Black Sage serves customers by creating effective products, honoring relationships and fostering a spirit of collaboration. Here’s what else you can expect:

  • Responsive communication with a world class, globally minded team.

  • Service oriented philosophy with long term support commitments on small and large projects.

  • Creative application of existing and new technology to meet a challenge or requirement in the most effective way.

  • Warranty on all products and workmanship. We stand by our work and commitment.



Black Sage warrants all new products manufactured to be free from defects in materials and workmanship. This provides security in knowing that if something goes wrong, we’ll be ready to repair, replace and provide labor until the issue is resolved.


When additional support or maintenance are required,  Black Sage offers service level agreements customized to the specific needs of our customers. SLAs are available monthly or annually and are a reflection of our commitment to continued service.


When a solution is needed now, timelines and budgets don’t always align. This is why we offer customers lease options for equipment. Ideal for when short term solutions are required or when budgets don’t allow for outright purchase.


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