Base Unit
Mobile tower base unit with no integrated power system. Payload ready.


Battery Power
Mobile tower with integrated power system and battery pack. Payload ready.



Battery/Solar Power
Mobile tower with integrated power system, battery pack and solar. Payload ready.



Hybrid Power
Mobile tower with integrated power system, battery pack, solar and wind. Payload ready.


Mobile towers incorporate portability and adaptability with up to three independent power sources to provide reliable, self-sustained power in diverse applications and environments.

No refueling, no filter changes and no incremental operating costs equate to clear return on investment and clean, silent power all day every day.

power System

Select power components based on your application and wattage requirements. Choose the battery pack size, inverter size, number of solar panels and optional wind turbine.


Select from available add-ons or have one customized to your application. With a mast payload capacity of 250 lbs and spacious enclosure, possibilities are broad.


Certifications: DOT certified
Dry Weight: 700 lbs
Construction: MIG welded, unibody-style
Color/Finish: Oven-baked black powder coat
Footprint: (deployed): 132” x 109” (LxW)
Height Max: (deployed): 355”
Outriggers: Stowable with locking pins

Dimensions (travel LxWxH): 156” x 50” x 70”
Tow Hitch: Standard 2” or 2 ½” ball
Alloy: 14 gauge steel continuously welded
Winches: Hand crank ratchet
Mast: Telescoping, 30ft, with 360º rotation
Tower Sections: Zinc dichromate
Axle: Industrial torsion-spring

Saddle: Captive resting saddle with locking pins
Leveling Jacks: Four adjustable, retractable jacks
Shroud: Internally fastened powder-coated steel
Collection Tube: Aluminized

Enclosure: Ruggedized, NEMA 4
Latches/Locks: Dual locking “L” enclosure handles
Venting: Filtered outside-air vents
Cooling: Electric cooling fans activated by temperature sensors inside enclosure

Solar: Up to four 315W panels
Wind: Optional 4kW turbine
Inverter/Charger: .3kW, 1.5kW or 4kW
Batteries: 1kWh to 12kWh
Backup Generator: Standalone 2kW gen-set


  • Airports
  • Military
  • Utilities
  • Mines
  • Construction
  • Events
  • Law Enforcement
  • Highways
  • NGO
  • Emergency Relief
  • Disaster Relief
  • Foreign Aid
  • FEMA
  • Off-grid
  • Preparation
  • Safety


Security— Infrastructure security is fundamental to welfare and prosperity.  Black Sage protects high-risk infrastructure; creates a controlled, confident environment; and keeps people safe.

Remote Power— Remote sites often have no access to grid power and fuel-based generators are too expensive for long-term operation.  Black Sage's products have few moving parts and are dead-reliable when needed most.

Disaster Relief Power is often the first resource lost during a disaster. Portable, reliable power is needed to provide refrigeration for medical supplies, operate water filtration systems, and power communication equipment to aid in the recovery process.


Emergency Prep— Responding to and recovering from emergency situations requires planning and preparation.  Reliable, renewable power is an integral part of a good plan and will ensure operation of equipment crucial to safety and survival.

Lighting— Fuel-based generators used for lighting at night-time work sites are costly and burdensome for long-term operation. Black Sage provides a powerful, self-sustaining lighting solution to keep your site productive and safe.


Typical turnaround time is 4 to 5 weeks from time of order. Timeline can also be affected by add-ons and other customizations.


Black Sage products come with a 1 year warranty against manufacturer defects.

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