Dave Romero


Managing Partner— Dave is a futurist who bridges skills in high tech with business strategy and a champion for technology vision and quality. Prior to shifting effort full time to developing Black Sage in 2014, he operated an international data science company deploying predictive analytics systems to aid governments in data driven policy making. Dave has been referenced in Associated Press, IEEE Spectrum and Janes Defence on Counter - Unmanned Aerial Systems (C-UAS) and in a Wired Magazine feature story on methods for stopping drone terrorism. In addition to work in national security, Dave is passionate about cultural diplomacy and served as an emissary in India for Rotary International. He’s lived in South America, Oceania and Southeast Asia and motorcycled tens of thousands of miles on foreign backcountry roads.

Ross Lamm


Managing Partner— Ross obtained his Ph.D in Image Processing and Machine Vision from UC Davis in 2000. He develops products and solutions that include long range video tracking as well as gyro-stabilization and radar slewing of camera systems. His solutions have been used for long range surveillance in such places as Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Jordan and Washington DC.