Accounting Forms

Expense Reimbursement

Expenses made by employees on Black Sage's behalf can be submitted to accounting for review. Qualified expenses will be reviewed and reimbursed. Expect to receive notice from accounting on the result of the request.

Purchase Request

For when a purchase is to be made by an employee in the course of conducting business. Please review 'Approvals' document for which purchase amounts require approval.

Budget Request

For when a specific budget is desired for an initiative. Budget requests are submitted to management and accounting for approval. For single purchases, please submit a purchase request.

Contractor USE Request

For when a use of a third party contractor is requested in the course of conducting business. Please review 'Approvals' document for which contractor use amounts require approval.

Human Resources

Travel Request

When business travel is believed to be critical for conducting one's work, travel requests are forwarded to HR and your department head for approval.

Time-off Request

When taking unpaid or paid time off from regular work is desired, requests are forwarded to HR for approval and department head for approval.

Sales Forms

Equipment request

When equipment is needed outside of Black Sage's primary office, requests are forwarded to management for approval. This allows resources to be allocated effectively and resolution of timeline conflicts.

Sales Report

Prior to a sales meeting occurring, it is expected each member of the sales team fill out a sales report. This is is used jointly for resource allocation, forecasting and to improve team performance.