Tactical & Automatic

Disruptors are employed in several different form factors to provide flexibility across applications such as denying comms from IED remote detonators, taking control away from UAS operators, disrupting satellite signals and much more.

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Positioner mounted disruptors enable remote and computerized operation and are optionally integrated with larger systems for automatic pointing, and triggering of selective disruptor bands. Pan-tilts can be customized to support disruptors with up to 100W output power for extreme long range applications.


Handheld tactical disruptors are a lightweight, flexible and rapidly deployable platform for directional radio disruption. An AR15 training rifle base (non-ITAR) provides a familiar user interface requiring no learning curve to use. Pick up the rifle, select from multiple disruption frequencies and address the target with confidence.

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Auto-CUEING Remotes

Mounted on positioners, directional disruptors point automatically toward remote targets using position cues from radars, AI, and other sensors. Multiple positioners are networked together to automatically prioritize targets and divide tasks across all available nodes. Positioner mounted disruptors are optionally controlled by an operator — out of harm’s way — with a gamepad controller.


WiFi bands are part of the unlicensed spectrum, designed for broad use and resilliency.

GPS L1/l2

GPS is broadcast from US satellites and provides receivers on earth the ability to determine location, velocity and time.


Glonass is the Russian alternative to GPS with global coverage and comparable precision. The two are often used together.


Sets of cellular frequencies exist within the ultra high frequency band and are assigned for cellular phone use.

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10MHz to 18Ghz, 5W to 100W output power, omnidirectional or directional, for custom disruption applications.

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